What you will read below is a legal accord between you, the user, and the licensor. You must comply by this accord if you want to use the content provided, thereafter named licensed material.

What you can do

This standard license grants you, the user, a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the licensed material, for commercial or personal reasons, and even for client purposes. You can also modify, crop, and alter as you like this licensed material.

To be more precise, you can use this content in:

  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications, Software, games
  • Printed Materials (magazines, books, CD, advertisements...)
  • Digital Materials (presentations, posts, newsletter...)

Should you have any doubts about your rights, please contact us!

What you can’t do

The licensed material and any modified version of it, can’t be sold, rented, sublicensed, or redistributed.

To be more precise, you can’t:

  • Offer the licensed material (or modified version of it) for download
  • Include the licensed material (or modified version of it) in any offline or online database or file
  • Distribute the licensed material

Some specific restrictions


A logo must be original so that it can be trademarked. As the licensed content can be use by several people, it is not original, and then can’t be used as part of a logo.


You can use the licensed material for any physical products (t-shirts, hat, and so on) for personal use. However you can’t resell these physical products.

Digital Products

If the licensed material is not one of the main value added to the digital product you’re selling (Saas Analytics platforms, video games…), you can use the licensed material without any restrictions.

However, if the licensed material plays a critical part in the digital product you’re selling, you can’t use it. Then you can resell the licensed material as part of themes, UI kits or software frameworks.

Should you have any doubts about this accord, please contact us!